A Word About Innovation - Plus a Cool Shirt!

I missed doing this. I had to take a break for a while to get some things rolling at work and in my consulting roles. But Symbiotic Swag is BACK!

Our new shirt was inspired by two parallels:

The work I am doing with the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Information Design and the research my students and I are conducting on problem-solving styles vs likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur.

I started thinking about what people's brains do, and the necessity of innovation across all aspects of life, and this shirt was born.

My hope is that this image and idea go far beyond some new shirt for sale. My vision is that it is given as a gift all over the globe to budding innovators young and old, no matter where they work or how much they make.

We need to innovate now more than ever. We need process innovation in agricultural, economic, and government models. We need innovation in education. We need innovation in how communities are built. One of my main objectives is getting young people to see themselves not just as future workers, but future shapers.

Will you help me? You can do a small thing now. Buy this shirt for an innovator you know (it might be you) and/or spread the word!

There is more coming from Symbiotic Swag. Stay tuned!












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