Design Story: I Am Enough - A Statement of Boldness

Am I? I AM. Enough. This idea was all Kymani. She came to me with this one night, creating a rough sketch out of words. We had similar experiences growing up being of mixed heritage. It was constantly debated by those we had not asked whether we were black enough, or white enough. What should they "consider" us? Very rarely were we asked. It wasn't until adulthood that we were able to say that we were "enough" just as we existed in our own skin.

We were able to transform the question "AM I?" to the statement "I AM". That is powerful and transformative. Often, those who have not been through an experience like that dismiss it as hypersensitive. We thought about that, but then we thought about how many other human beings go through this similar experience of having their identity constantly questioned, or have labels foisted upon them without their consent. Like it or not, what society labels us as matters. We don't want it to, but it absolutely affects people's daily lives.

We began to think of people with varying sexual orientations, gender identities, and religious affiliations. We thought about where people are from, the roles they might play. Obviously, some of the words on this design are things people choose, and some are things people cannot choose. All the same, each of them are a thing that some have been told they aren't "enough" of. We want to help others change the question into the statement.


The shirt also has a third meaning. There is a reason Kymani put "Enough" by itself in the design. The third statement is, simply: "Enough". Enough of this labeling of others to fit our own preconceived notion. Enough of building our own personal comfort by forcing this stress on others to "perform" for us, or look the way we want them to look.

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