Ecological Commerce: Solar Powered Water Reclamation

New innovations must be ecologically sound

Before I tell you about today's innovation, I want to explain some of what we will be profiling in the coming months. Symbiotic Swag is not just an apparel company. We founded this company as a conduit for positive change.

Often...too often...when we talk about "innovation" and "disruptive technology", we refer to things done on electronic devices that remain in the electronic world. Is that the limit of our imaginations? I hope not. That would be incredibly sad. While these innovations can be impressive, they rarely do anything to repair our dysfunctional relationship with the ecosystems we depend on for sustained life and living.

Many cultures knew and know the importance of these relationships. Unfortunately, we industrialized/commercialized humans - self-identified capitalists, communists, and socialists alike - fell in love with money and power as an end all. We became transactional instead of cooperative.

However, there is hope...

Some innovations don't go viral simply because the tech world with all its money and influence doesn't get excited about them. Therefore, Symbiotic Swag will be profiling inventions and people that seek a better view and practice of the exchange between resources, people, and ecosystems.

Today, we want to bring you an incredibly important (and cool) innovation - solar powered water reclamation.

The Problem

We have a water problem across the globe that is getting worse. Flint? That's just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more cities like Flint, and don't get us started talking about the water issues on reservation land.

Further, companies like Nestle are not only buying up the water supply in villages across the globe (especially in Africa), but also crafting messaging and lobbying politicians to soften public outrage about the privatization of a basic right.

No one has distilled this issue (pun intended) as succinctly and poignantly as Mos Def, aka Yasiin Bey, in his 1998 masterpiece "New World Water":

Solutions Exist

We need both political and innovative solutions to these issues, because while our water problems have political sources, they have environmental causes as well.

I think people are well aware of the water protectors, and the protests surrounding Flint. But few are aware of innovations that couple with those efforts to combat the contamination and scarcity of water.

Here is one innovation like that: a solar powered water recycling panel wall! To be sure, this is no panacea. But we are going to need more, not less, of these innovations. As we continue to fight the power, we need to create and collaborate to find better harmony with our ecosystems.

Yes, we have to work out kinks in these kinds of innovations, and find ways to lower costs/impact. This needs to be paired with distribution, eco-friendly manufacturing of materials, and the continued fight against the sequestration (whether public or private) of resources everyone needs.

We have to start somewhere. This water reclamation apparatus is just one example of the attempts to match commerce with ecology. We can continue to move forward, using our old AND new knowledge to create a better experience and future for humanity.

Our design The Return was meant to convey this idea that we return what we take as a way of living. We can all get better at doing this, and live abundant lives in the process.

Resist, Create, Collaborate

Kwame M. Brown
Symbiotic Swag










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