Ecological Entrepreneur Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua: We Do What We Can

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua

He is solving a problem

In case you don't know, Kenya has been under a severe drought, actually consecutive droughts, for some time now.

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua saw a problem. He took it upon himself to try and solve it, understanding that this particular problem was intertwined with many others. He cared enough to expend the energy making it happen.

Patrick is a pea farmer. In reality, he saw a use for something he already had and knew how to use (a water truck) and repurposed it toward preserving a part of his ecosystem. He delivers thousands of gallons a day to wild animals caught in the drought with no way of surviving.

He has since procured some funding for his innovation and has begun to scale operations to achieve greater sustainability in the water supply. He has begun constructing water troughs to expand the ability to maintain water supply for the animals. The animals themselves see what he is doing. They recognize and run to his truck when he shows up!

Mr. Mwalua has accomplished all of this through great difficulties in his health, being on dialysis for kidney failure. You can read more from him on his Facebook Page, which also has a link to donate. It is important to us that you hear directly from him. The local news in his area has done a profile on him as well. 

Entrepreneurship, to us, has a meaning beyond "person who seeks to make money". In fact, making a profit is not the primary driver for many entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create and route value. Too often, we see "money" and "value" as being synonymous. Money is merely a means to assign the concept of value to something. In fact, what Mr. Mwalua is doing has undeniable value for the local ecosystem. He is preventing great destruction to his local area, an effort which has immeasurable value.

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