I Love Being A #girldad (New Design)

I want to say a few words about our new #girldad design.

Here is a story I shared with some friends and family earlier this week:


I woke up at 5 AM this morning to our 4-year-old (who had climbed in our bed) rubbing and kissing my arm and squeezing the muscles. It reminded me of what my Dad’s arms meant to me when I was little. I remember seeing his muscles and feeling protected and in awe. He was the picture of strength to me then. He still is now but in a more nuanced way.

I am not saying all Dads have to be this picture of strength represented by muscles. I am saying that it made me feel safe and I know it makes my daughters feel safe. To me, that is a big part of what my muscles are for: protection of my loved ones. They are not for preening or vanity.

I imagine a lot of fathers, and mothers, feel that way about their muscles. I will do WHATEVER to protect my children. It doesn’t mean I think I always will be able to. It just means I’m always gonna try until they are away and can protect themselves. After that, I will still want to. But my job, for now, is to do what I can and help them grow their own muscles in the process.

I know that so many of the fathers and mothers who have been lost were doing the same. That saddens me but also strengthens me. We are all in this together y’all.

To wit, I also do whatever I can to protect and provide a better life for YOUR children, and I hope for that to be reciprocated. The more we see ourselves only as individuals the more we become divisible. Some things are beyond our control, but we all have influence. Be as strong as you can, and grab somebody’s hand. I don’t have everything figured out. But, everything I do is about the circle. Trust."

I wanted to create a design that would celebrate this special kind of Dad. This is not about elevating one kind of parent over another, but about the special moment of challenging assumptions and the beauty of contrast. The assumption is that Dads (of course) want boys. First, I would have loved raising sons, too. But that is not what I prayed for. What I prayed for is the chance to love a child. We were blessed with two. But when I look back at my life and career, I have had so many lasting and special relationships with girls and women - it just seems right that I'm a #girldad. I bet many of you feel the same about yourselves and your own fathers.

Love and Peace,

Founder, Symbiotic Swag












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