The Struggle is Real - But Only When It's Real

Some of you know that I made some decisions about social media recently. Trust me, this is not about leaving the struggle for a better world. It is about streamlining my efforts in that regard.

What I want to do is decrease the size of the rooms and groups I talk to. That is not about exclusivity, but about focus. I have no interest in being a guru or an inspiring personality. I am interested in projects. I am interested in innovating solutions.

From this point on, this blog will be the voice of that effort. You will hear from me not on some predetermined schedule, but when I have found something concrete to share - a message, something someone has innovated that needs attention, an apparel product that has a message I want to spread, or a project I might ask you to help with. You can choose to collaborate, ignore, or reflect at your choosing. I won't see what your choice is, nor will I attempt to influence it.

You are all on this list not because I am special, but because you are. In fact, as I will elaborate on in future writings - I don't believe creativity or innovation to be singular accomplishments. Both are mainly collective processes with individuals as catalysts. So, I want to cut through the noise a little bit where I can - not for thousands or millions, but with a few people at a time.

What we don't need is the continued circular arguments and competing insults.   We each need to hear from one another - but we also each need space and time to be quiet. This combination is what allows deep innovation. That is what we need right now, deep innovation. I fear that the ubiquity of social media use across multiple platforms just does not allow that combination.

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